unsuspecting masses.  Now based in beautiful Charleston, SC, he performs in theaters and corporate venues wowing his audiences with his mind-blowing magical skills.  Howard has performed in over 19 different countries and recently won "Guantanamo Bay's Got Talent" (Another TRUE STORY!).  He also runs the premier magic venue in Charleston, SC, The Charleston Magic Parlor.  Blackwell is also the past president of the Charleston chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

The Post and Courier says, "Blackwell brings magic to the stage... and his show and stage presence are captivating."  The Charleston City Paper selected Blackwell's illusions show as one of the top shows in the city two years in a row.  

Howard has been a student of magic for as long as he can remember.  He draws his inspiration from many pioneers in the field of magic and feels it is important to recognize those who have paved the way before him.  His major inspiration as a magician comes from Rudy Coby, Harry Anderson, Teller and David Copperfield.  Please support these talented performers, they are the true masters in their field!  Howard is a proud member of the Academy of Magical Arts and International Brotherhood of Magicians

After perfecting his craft, he performed at some of the most fascinating venues across Europe. He then started to long for the pace of his southern heritage.  Making his way back home, Blackwell performed his craft on streets and in speakeasies up and down the east coast.  He finally made his way to the Holy City, ready to dazzle, wow and sometimes con the

even talking his way out of Turkish prison by demonstrating his ability to read a local constable’s mind (TRUE STORY!).

Illusionist Howard Blackwell

The Classic Conjurer

Growing up in the hills of East Tennessee, Howard Blackwell quickly found that he had a strong propensity for the magical arts. Leaning that he was “different” from his grandmother, he quickly began to develop his unique abilities.  Dazzling his friends with his uncanny ability to read minds and perform extraordinary feats of illusion, he soon realized the world was a large place and there was much that could be learned. As a teenager, he left his mountain home to travel abroad to develop his skills further. He traveled across Europe and Asia performing his unique prestidigitation in over 19 different countries.​  He developed his magical skills​ quickly by studying in Europe and Southwest Asia,